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"Margaery looked very like her brother, the Knight of Flowers. [Cersei] wondered if they had other things in common. Our little rose has a good many ladies waiting attendance on her, night and day."

i laugh every time i read this



Some Basic Serial Killer Statistics

  • The USA has 76% of the world’s serial killers.
  • Europe in second, has 17%.  England has produced 28% of the European total; Germany produces 27%, and France produces 13%.
  • California leads in the US with the most Serial Homicide cases that have occured.  Texas, New York, Illinois, and Florida follow shortly behind.
  • Maine has the lowest occurence of serial murders - none.  Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, Delaware, and Vermont each have had only one case of a serial murder.
  • 84% of American killers are caucasian.
  • 16% are black.
  • Men make up at least 90% of the world wide total of serial killers.
  • 65% of victims are female.
  • 89% of victims are white.
  • 44% of all killers start in their twenties.
  • 26% start in their teens.
  • 24% start in their thirties.
  • Out of all the killers, 86% are heterosexual.

I notice those magic words “serial killers” really piss off the MRAs.  I see why now.  

This is what I keep talking about. 



Alphonse Mucha Kimonos from shevamps on Etsy.


"I’m the worst kind of witch ever, the kind that cleans."

Sophie, Howl’s Moving Castle (via wrath-fire-ice)


I’d take any early version of this over the Practical Magic version. The demo versions seem….more heartfelt, more raw. 

"Baby, don’t leave me…"



A quick tip for your elevator ride up to the office: grab a piping hot cuppa joe at the corner store and stick an egg in it to make a hard boiled morning snack.

just stick your hands in boiling hot coffee. go on. do it. just shove your fingers on in that blistering hot cuppa joe. throw an egg in there. who gives a shit. eat your god damn coffee eggs like the stupid slobbering idiot that you are

So I have a problem. 

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  • moses: let my people go
  • pharaoh: man what is WITH these sjws


today i heard 2 kids talking about buying fake IDs after school and so i started eavesdropping cuz u know thats big kid stuff and then one was like “yeah but is all this really worth it like im pretty sure the fake IDs cost more than the fish we r gonna buy”

to buy fish at petco u have to be 18 or older

they were going to get fakes to buy fish

My kinda kids. 


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Almost time.